Let us make your choice easier by
comparing Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise

Do you need help finding the right ecommerce platform for your business? Then this is definitely a great article for you to be reading. This is a topic that a lot of business owners tend to struggle with, so to make things just a bit easier, we are going to be talking about two really great options that an enterprise level business should really be looking at. The options that we are talking about are Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise, and since they are so popular you have probably already heard about them. We decided to make this Magento vs. Shopify Comparison Guide since it is the best way to help you decide which one to go for, so make sure to keep reading to find out more about them.

Ease of use and user-friendliness

To be honest, for people that know something about ecommerce there is already a clear choice when it comes to this factor, however, we still think it’s important for us to talk about it a bit more. Shopify Plus has the amazing benefit of being designed by the same people that designed the original Shopify Platform and that means that the same super ease of use and user-friendliness are a part of this solution as well. And we cannot say that Magento Enterprise is a super complicated platform to use in terms of the interface, however we do have to say that because this is a self-hosted platform you will have to do a lot more work in terms of implementation, integration, and maintenance and so on. So, if you are specifically looking for something that is easy to use, then Shopify Plus is the better option for you.

International retail options

When you are selling internationally, there are certain tools that you have to have in order for your business to be able to work more efficiently, and one of those tools is multi-channel capabilities. When comparing Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise, you will be able to see that only Magento Enterprise offers those capabilities. As is the case with most things that have to do with Shopify Plus, you can always go to the App Store and try to get some extra functionalities to help you get multi-channel features, but none of those will compare to the capabilities that Magento will give you. You will be able to run all of your stores on the same interface and that will bring you a lore more efficiency, and multiple currencies and languages are also something that will really help you out in terms of international retail. This is a category that we are definitely giving to Magento Enterprise.


When it comes to features, both of the platforms are full of them, but Magento Enterprise definitely has a lot more to offer. With Shopify Plus you will be able to add more and more functionalities by using the App store, however with Magento there will probably be no need for that. Something that you will have to consider, though, is the fact that implementing those features and options will be a bit more complicated with Magento Enterprise, but we definitely feel that hiring a developer is worth the hustle.

Now that we are done comparing Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise, we can see that Magneto Enterprise may just have a bit of an upper hand in the competition. However, before you decide which one is the perfect platform for your business, we recommend you take a really good look at your business and see what it actually needs. After you know that you will be able to decide easily, and hopefully one of these two platforms will be the perfect fit.