Which platform would suit your business: Shopify plus Vs. Magento Enterprise

Shopify plus Vs. Magento Enterprise

As you look to establish your feet in the ecommerce world, there are many decisions that you are required to take. You need to keep in mind that in the online world, every step should be made with a lot of caution.

Among the various decisions that you will be required to make, the first and foremost factor which warrants your attention is that of the platform you will use for your online store. It is quite common to be confused with regards to this.

Compare Shopify vs. Magento

Shopify plus vs. Magento Enterprise is a confusion that many in the ecommerce world seem to face. To make sure that you do not have to worry about switching platforms sometime down the road, pay close attention to what each of the two platforms has to offer you

The features of Shopify

Let us first talk about Shopify and the features that work in its favor.

· Everything at one place

The best thing about Shopify is that it offers everything that you would need for your online store at a single place. It is also very easy to use. Therefore, if you are starting in ecommerce, Shopify will prove to be highly beneficial as it will make your journey easier

· Mobile friendly

These days, people use mobiles for online shopping. Shopify offers you the chance to make mobile-friendly stores which play a crucial role in enhancing your business

· Customer support

They are always available to cater to any queries that you might have. Thus, if you encounter any problem, you can always rely on them to come to your aid

What Magento has to offer?

Magento enterprise also has quite a few impressive features that make it worth consideration

· Flexibility

Magento gives you the reins of your website. Therefore, you have the opportunity to make the store appear as you like without any limitations. This gives you the chance to provide the store with a personal touch

· Multi-store option

With Magento, you can manage a variety of brands on a single platform as it has the option of multi-store. Therefore, if you have a large business and cater to different brands, this will be valuable

Final words

If you want a complex and advanced platform which will not hinder your ideas, Magento is the one for you. However, if you are looking for ease in establishing the store, it is Shopify that you will find to be the perfect option