Sell Furniture Online Without Making These Mistakes

Setting up an ecommerce to sell furniture online requires time, dedication and patience. While you do not require the same financial investment, as you would if you were setting up a brick and motor store, you will need to part with some money. It, therefore, requires that you take your time in designing your online store. 

You should be able to attract potential customers and turn them into sales. You can only do these by avoiding certain mistakes. We will pursue this in more detail below.

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Selling Furniture Online; Mistakes to Avoid

Setting up an ecommerce platform is not very difficult, but the wrong moves will spell disaster for you. Find below common mistakes to avoid and watch your business flourish.

Setting up an ecommerce

1. Opting For the Wrong Platform

You should never try to set up an online furniture store without proper knowledge of the different ecommerce platforms. The right online store will allow you to showcase your products, and make it easy for customers to buy.  

When you want to scale your business, it will also allow you to do so without too much hassle. When choosing an e-commerce platform, consider the following:-

  • What kind of furniture are you planning to sell
  • What are  your scaling  plans
  • Do you require a third party to run it for you,  or will you want total control
  • What is your budget
  • Do you want a custom design or are you comfortable using the available templates
  • What do you want the customer experience to be like

 Do not take a platform that limits your growth potential.  Also, make sure that it integrates with your existing systems.  It should also allow you to customize as per your requirements.

 If you do not have the right platform, you will lose a lot of money, time and energy.

2. Not Understanding Your Target Audience

Marketing 101 is very clear that you cannot be successful in business if you do not understand your target audience.  A good product, an attractive platform, will not assure you of clients.   You need to develop a proper target persona so that you develop the right content for them. 

Market research will provide you with relevant information including:-

  • What your target market needs
  •  Whether or not they have the  financial capability to buy
  •  How you need to communicate with them
  •  What kind of platforms do they use to research a product before they shop, among others
  •  What is important to them as the consumer?  Customers will repeatedly buy a product from a particular platform depending on the customer experience.  pushing product and not  customer experience may arise out of not understanding what your customers value

3. Poor Website Design

sell furniture online

Whatever website design you go for has to allow you to scale in the near future.   No one sets up a business with the intention of staying in the same place.  You may want to expand to new markets, or even open up multiple stores. 

Your e-commerce platform should, therefore, allow you to integrate sophisticated features.  You should also be able to offer a wide range of products on the platform. You will find many online tools that can help you with coming up with a good design. 

Platforms like Shopify will give you themes and apps that will allow you to scale your business. Making sure you have the right design will help you in the future by not having to correct whatever mistakes you have made. Make sure you do not compromise functionality because of the design aspects. 

 Inasmuch as your customers want an attractive website, it should also be user-friendly.  Customers will not spend time on a platform that does not allow for easy navigation.  How quickly the page loads is also very important; remember, the attention span of the online shopper is minimal.  With so many options available, they will not bother with a website that requires too much effort to use.

4. Not Taking Advantage of SEO

sell furniture online

One important marketing tool available is the use of SEO on your website. SEO will make it easier for search engines to find you. Content on your blog pages are a great way to push product information, and will also help position you as an authority.  Remember, customers have a need, and you should be the one who provides the answers. 

 Take the time to learn SEO,  or get someone in your team to do it for you.  You cannot afford to lose the vast potential it will provide your business.

Setting up an ecommerce

5. Not Having a Good Checkout Process

You may have heard of abandoned carts on the online platform.   One of the leading reasons as to why this happens is a complicated checkout process.  Your customers want the ease of operation, and having to struggle to pay for the product is a sure way to lose them. 

Platforms like Shopify have the Shopify Payment, which makes the checkout process easy.

6. Not Being Clear In Your Messaging

You should highlight your brand position and identity. Even with the right product, customers need to be able to link what you are selling to what your brand identity is. It will help build brand awareness, and customers are more likely to be loyal to a company that they understand.

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Final thoughts

The online space is a beautiful place to sell your furniture.  You get access to a broad audience base, and with the right technique can convert them into loyal customers.  You, however, need to be watchful about what you do, so that you do not lose out on the massive opportunity available.

 Apply or tips above, and be watchful about what the competitors are doing, so that you avoid any mistakes.  Working with the right platforms will also help you with aspects like customization and scalability. Take your time to learn so that you did not depend solely on third-party providers.  You will have full control of the e-commerce platform you can then be sure that your customers will keep on coming back to see what you have.